Rotation and Skew Settings



It is possible to create interesting elements with either skewed or rotated increments. Judicial use of the settings will give all the control needed to execute a design effect.









Achieving standard style rotation requires values entered into both Left / Right and Up / Down entry boxes. These values combined will rotate an element around a 360º axis.



The rotation and skewing options are finite. Please avctivate the pane before applying settings.

*Be aware that the settings are released if the options activation checkbox is disabled.



These settings only work if the options are activated!



To create a rotated effect requires both Left/Right and Up/Down values. These values define the extent of the change to the physical attribute of the Speechbox.

Positive or negative values will cause results to the angle attitude.



Speechbox Settings
Line fill : Transparent
Font : Arial Black

Font Color : #000000
Font Size : 28
Aligned : Left
Background : #b6d6a9
Extra Bottom Spacing : 50
Right Border : 8
Right Border Color : #000000
Corner Radius : 4


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