Default Line Styles



Line styles are solid, dashed, dotted, double-dashed, transparent, and horizontal fading. Any variant of color and opacity may be applied to any of these line styles. Width, height factors are available also.

Lines/dividers can be placed inside or outside a row. Above or below an image. Stacked on top of each other, the methods of placement are endless.




Nested lines in a single row

Columns 1/2 + 1/2




This example uses solid lines with a 2px height

Centered 80% Width



Each line has an activation switch allowing only one style to be used for any one element placement. Multiple placements will need to be individually engaged for the effect to be initialized.

Alternate types of lines are available using other settings in the plugin module control panel.


























Speechbox Settings
Line fill : Transparent
Font : Arial Black

Font Color : #000000
Font Size : 28
Aligned : Left
Background : #fee28a
Extra Bottom Spacing : 50
Right Border : 8
Right Border Color : #000000
Corner Radius : 4



Detail settings for lines
Line fill : Defined style
Font : Tahoma

Font Color : #0986e5
Font Size : 14
Font Style : Italic
Aligned : Left
Width : 85
Background : #ffffff – Opacity: 0
Extra Top Padding : 36

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