Borders and Rounded Corners



Borders and styling are available from the Speechbox settings pane. Control the border style and round the corners, individually, if required.  Standard border styles apply, for borders with rounded corners.



Some designs may be based on circles, much like numbering or sequencing alphabets. To achieve a circle, set ALL borders to the same, stroke style, color and weight. Apply a setting of 50% to the rounded corners input section, to set all corners the same rounded size, as shown below.



A help image overview is available in the bottom of the Speechbox settings pane. This is always visible whenever the pane is activated.




Speechbox Settings
Line fill : Transparent
Font : Arial Black

Font Color : #000000
Font Size : 28
Aligned : Left
Background : #c6d3c9
Extra Bottom Spacing : 50
Right Border : 8
Right Border Color : #000000
Corner Radius : 4


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