The horizontal rule
just got better


Optimized for Visual Composer
Easy to Use • Works in any VC supported theme!


Add a voice to any line
Spice up dividers
Add numerical titles
No Limits!

Rotate the text

All of the HRticulate speechbox blocks are ready to be rotated 360º
Allowing for more flexibility to the design process.  Imagine the results!


HRticulate has a series of colorized custom lines. All lines work seamlessly in any environment and are completely phone and pad responsive

GO PRO and get MORE

Get new custom lines and content dividers with HRticulate Pro.
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Video Overview

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 What is the
HRticulate Plugin?

Horizontal rules have come of age
Presenting a whole new spin for an overlooked element!
Optimized dividers and horizontal lines with a speechbox
How cool is that?

For the most part, the humble horizontal rule has been used to define a space between html elements. Generally to define areas of text or separations for images to rest on. Not used a lot these days,  however....

With the advent of modern page builders for Wordpress, the <hr> tag still sits in the background, and is only used sparingly...
or not at all......

HRticulate changes all of the previous perceptions. Now, with additional custom lines and colors. The ability to add custom text and fonts. Being able to rotate all this 360º, has made this a game changer.

  • Works with Visual Composer
    100% Compatible

  • Dynamically rotate the speechbox
    Emphasizes the information

  • Adds complimentary text to any divider

  • Only limited by the imagination
    ✓ Numbers
    ✓ Headers
    ✓ Whatever you want....

    ✓ Want to see some samples?


How to's and Learning Center

Give it a spin! Try it out for yourself!

Speechbox Element

Speechboxes can be positioned in a variety of means, including the ability
for the placement to be on top or below other objects


Adjust the background color of the Speechbox container
256 million colors.
Use the color chooser to apply. Also has Alpha (transparency) capability.

How to

Borders • Corners

Individually change any of the Speechbox borders
Change any or all of the borders – the stroke and color – the weight and style.

Change the border radius – Make circles, easily.

How to

Fonts • Styles

Change the font style and color – Choose a different font.

Automatically is matched to the theme base font style.

How to


The Speechbox has additional internal and external shadowing.
Use the Speechbox! to create unique effects.

Use them as buttons or as advertising gimmicks, editorial slogans.

How to


Any Speechbox, can be rotated or skewed around a 360º radius.
Want that little extra Oomph?

Simply rotate the Speechbox slightly to offset the look and draw attention, instantly!

How to

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