Shadow Settings



Both the inner and outer shadows are generated by applying a single color. This color is set to grade out gracefully to transparent (showing whatever background color the grade is on).

Setting the height (*length) of the grade, tells the colors how many steps to complete. The blurriness (fading value) tells the color grade how much anti aliasing to use over the length of the grade.



The higher the amount set for the height^length of the grade will produce a larger or smaller blending division.



Both the inner and outer shadow settings use the same techniques and inadvertently the blending does not occur. This is easily remedied by setting the opposing shadow to white, with a alpha level set to 0.

This will enable the shadow but not use the color as it is set to a fill of 0.
The shadow will show and display correctly.



Speechbox Settings
Line fill : Transparent
Font : Arial Black

Font Color : #000000
Font Size : 28
Aligned : Left
Background : #b6d6a9
Extra Bottom Spacing : 50
Right Border : 8
Right Border Color : #000000
Corner Radius : 4


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